it just called to me….

Happy Friday!  Boy…it isn’t very often a week crawls along at a snails pace for me.  They are usually over before I am ready to relinquish my grip.   I blame the week prior for teasing me with it’s brief appearance, and for the weather finally easing up into loveliness.  It made it hard for me to be my nerdy-self in my windowless lab.  Well, it is over and we get to enjoy a fab weekend of kids soccer, football parties, and a girl-scout meeting.  I am so looking forward to it.

In my last post, you may recall that I found something that “called to my heart”.  This piece of history was so aesthetically pleasing that I just had to have it.  The spool and bobbins themselves made me ooooooo and ahhhhhh, but look at the delicious colors of the thread.  Cotton and wool thread with beautiful hues and textures.  Not only will I be able to enjoy the glory of it sitting in my craft space, I can snatch little pieces here and there for my projects.  Can you feel my gittyness? 🙂

It even smells good and old.  My heart skipeth a beat!




If you need a little perspective, this thing is like 12 inches tall.


Ok, so now that you have had a chance to ogle a bit, do you see that lovely teal-green color?  I had a perfect place for that in one of my layouts.  The button just needed a little something.




Hope you enjoyed seeing my new treasure.

Have fun planting some weekend glitter!